About Me

IMG_0681_ppEEI am based in Zululand which is my newfound home that I’ve come to love so dearly after living in Johannesburg my whole life. I’m a wild, free-spirited and adventurous person that loves the outdoors and finding adventure in every corner of it! I absolutely can’t do without holidays, summer, flip flops , balmy white beaches, palm trees, hammocks, aqua blue water, sunrises, sunsets, the African bush, good red wine, Irish whiskey, crackling bonfires, the sound of rain and frogs, the ocean, freshly cut grass and absolutely EVERYTHING coconut!!! The world needs to be all this forever!

I specialize in photographing weddings, families, modelling portfolios as well as a number of other subjects and am absolutely passionate about the work that I do and hope to portray that in every aspect of my photography.
I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I developed a love for the outdoors, Africa, wildlife and its people which grew in me from a young age and from early on I began studying art and am self-taught in photography.

I use photography to express my  passion as well as bringing out the natural emotions and expressions of my subjects.  It has allowed me to discover who I am and find out what I have to say. I feel the connectivity of one thing to another and try to express these connections. I am inspired by the play of light, shadow, sheer colour, movement and atmosphere that surrounds us and which allows me to convey the absolute beauty in everything and to bring out what the naked eye misses. I love photographing people and ‘catching the moment’ in a natural state as opposed to the traditional (and most times uncomfortable) poses.

My love for photography, has won me many competitions and I will forever strive to better myself and achieve passion through my work!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a quote or if you have any queries or ideas you’d like to chat about.
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