• Fitness & lifestyle Shoot – Christy Ann

    Posted on August 22, 2020 by in Family, Studio

    Gosh, it’s felt like forever since I was able to do shoots, but finally happy to back!
    I recently did this lifestyle and fitness shoot for my wonderful friend Christy who is well on her way to becoming Mtunzini’s next big star! As a mom to 3 gorgeous little boys, a qualified physiotherapist, and a body coach, she is flying high in the fitness industry and has also just recently partnered up with Sportsman’s Warehouse! I am SO incredibly proud of her and wish her the absolute best in her journey!
    She does theeeee most fantastic live, online workouts every weekday morning on both Facebook and Instagram and is happy to help with any questions regarding health and wellness!
    Take a look at her website to find out moreĀ https://www.christyann.fit/
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