• Vintage Matric Farewell Shoot

    Posted on November 3, 2020 by in Matric Farewell

    This shoot was so much fun to photograph. Not only did we have an original vintage Model T4 Ford, but a gorgeous model to compliment the shoot. Despite the rainy weather, we managed to find a break in the weather to get some of these gorgeous shots of her in her matric farewell dress before the heavens opened up again… Thank you for using me to capture your beautiful photos for you

    2020-11-03_0001 2020-11-03_0002 2020-11-03_0003 2020-11-03_0004 2020-11-03_0005 2020-11-03_0006 2020-11-03_0007 2020-11-03_0008 2020-11-03_0009 2020-11-03_0010 2020-11-03_0011 2020-11-03_0012 2020-11-03_0013 2020-11-03_0014 2020-11-03_0015 2020-11-03_0016 2020-11-03_0017 2020-11-03_0018

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