• ‘Bar Hopping’ from Malongane to Do Ouro

    Posted on November 26, 2012 by in Travel

    Our day started casually from Ponta Malongane side of the bay. We were off to a bumpy start over the sand tracks that run from Ponta Malongane to Ponta do Ouro and our first stop was ‘The Sunset Shack’.

    Yeah so it was neither sunset nor sunrise but the name has a certain ‘ring’ of relaxation to it, and so what a way to start a bar hopping day.
    Sunset Shack is ideally situated across the road from a relatively small lake which boasts the most breathtaking sunsets each afternoon. One can sit in the open plan lounge area, put their feet up and watch the sun dipping slowly into the lake whilst sipping on a renowned Tipo Tinto (R&R) and watching the rugby with good friends. The bar is clean the staff are friendly and they have a surf shop right next door where you can stock up on some clothing and beach toys for the kids.

    Next stop was ‘Come to See’ Bar. Its owner run and done up in a rustic beach setup with all the obligatory Moz decor to make one feel right at home. The floors are beach sand so it’s fantastic to slip your toes into while nibbling on their amazing prawn cakes. Not to mention their scrumptious lemon butter prawns. ‘Come to See’ is also set against the same lake as Sunset Shack and can also proudly boast about their magnificent views of the sunsets they have.

    Stop number three was ‘Jack’s Barefoot Bar’. It’s also beach sand throughout and a good reason to leave your shoes at the door! Here you can pay to try your hand at putting right from the bar whilst looking out over the aqua sea in the distance. It’s a super relaxing atmosphere with great tunes playing like ‘When you’re Big in Japan’ etc. Worth a stop indeed!

    Next was Campismo Nino where we went to ‘Jenny’s Bar’. We met Jeanette who owns the place and who is renowned for her famous ‘Moerse Burgers’. The view from the deck is absolutely breathtaking and sweeps a full 180 degrees in front of you. A walk down to the beach is something that you could use to train for before climbing Kilimanjaro. With a whopping 178 steps (YES I counted them all!) it’s quite a climb. It is however SO worthwhile when you get down there. It is just beach for as far as the eye can see in either direction with absolutely no-one around. Have a dip, climb back up the stairs and relax in time for lunch.

    From there we went to the famous ‘Fernando’s Bar’ in Ponta do Ouro. Well known for their bar being covered from top to toe in peoples old credit, Makro, university cards etc. Make sure that you ‘mark your spot’ in the bar for good times sake. Ask them for a hammer and nails, choose a spot and make history! They serve incredibly big glasses of R&R’s made into Slush Puppie and go down really well on a hot day. Whilst you’re there you can stock up with fresh fruit, veg and most importantly pao (Mozambiquan bread), or buy some funky and colourful Mozambiquan pants to wear back home and make you feel like you’re on holiday again.

    All in all it was a fabulous day and great to see all the different spots. A word of warning about going overboard on the drinking side though. The Mozambiquan cops are really strict and don’t tolerate much with regards to breaking the laws. Drunk or reckless driving will land you up in the police station, so avoid it at all costs and take it easy!

    By Kim Steinberg