• The New Addition to the Xulu Family

    Posted on December 24, 2015 by in Children, Family

    This is the second time photographing this gorgeous family and now with a new addition. Last time he was just days away from entering the world and now here he is as a beautiful, healthy baby boy! These kids go from absolutely reserved to way outrageous and are just a pleasure to photograph! Hope you all have a stunning Christmas together!2015-12-24_0074 2015-12-24_0075 2015-12-24_0076 2015-12-24_0077 2015-12-24_0078 2015-12-24_0079 2015-12-24_0080 2015-12-24_0081 2015-12-24_0082 2015-12-24_0083 2015-12-24_0084 2015-12-24_0085