• Andreatte & Bruno – Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge

    Posted on April 14, 2018 by in Weddings

    Andreatte and Bruno decided to have a select few of their closest family and friends to join them at the gorgeous Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge to tie the knot. What better setting than the majestic African bush and the backdrop of the distant Lebombo Mountain range. Andreatte and Bruno are such a beautiful couple and their love for each other and their gorgeous little daughter shows all the time… Congratulations again on such a spectacular wedding!

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    Best day ever! We were luck y enough to enjoy my home country for our special day together! Our friends travelled from afar and had the most magical and memorable experience ever! The wedding was just amazing, our guests were blown away! And our photographer was superb! As was our venue and Gail x couldn’t have dreamed of a better day!

    Wedding planner: me
    Decor: Gail: https://www.facebook.com/gailcevents/
    Flowers: Gail: https://www.facebook.com/gailcevents/
    Make up: Sam at Serendipity
    Brides dress: Ellis Brides
    Shoes: cheap and cheerful
    Brides Jewelry: a mix of old and new
    Grooms Suit: Hugo Boss
    Cake: Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge
    Music: My Hubby Bruno
    Priest: Reverend Henry Naidoo
    Catering: Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge
    Weddings Favours: Venetia(mother-in-law)
    Venue: Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge
    Assistant: Chelsea Groome