• Bella’s ‘Little Rosie’ Party

    Posted on November 19, 2012 by in Children

    This was Bella’s ‘Little Rosie’ Party held at her house last weekend! When I arrived she was in a state of utter distress because she was NOT going to wear her new little tutu that was bought for her party no matter what ANYONE said lol. Anyway throughout the day and with much coaxing with chips, sweets, cooldrink and the fact that ‘Little Rosie’ would be upset if she didn’t put it on, she finally gave in. Everything was beautifully decorated, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a ball! Well done Krista for making such an exquisite cake for your little girl, you truly are talented!


    WHY are these adults so insistent all the time? I give up….

    YUP this is their jungle gym in their back garden! How awesome is it…

    Has she just got the cutest curls on Earth or what!

    Here’s the tutu!!!