• Rhino Tagging

    Posted on April 30, 2013 by in Fund Raising, Other, Wildlife

    My rhino experience was truly touching. To crouch down besides such a big and magnificent animal and put your hand gently on its foot and feel the warmth of its body, to feel its breathing on your hand and to think what people do to them is unbelievable and totally inconceivable… If I could give my life to save them I would… Really an emotional experience…
    Thank you to all those who care enough to try to save this species. Thank you for your heartfelt effort, time, care, love and support. Without you there would be nothing left. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem! Every tiny little bit of effort counts, so don’t think that you’re not making a difference…You are!


    An early morning start to the day…

    The first two spotted…

    Some of the people who help to pay towards this much needed cause…A BIG thank you!

    The safety briefing from the vet

    My dearest friend Sheelagh Antrobus and her son

    Waiting for lift off

    And they’re off!

    And the chase begins, to get to the animal as quick as possible…

    The team goes in to secure the animal…

    Various measurements and checks are done

    A hair sample is removed

    My Peter Pan! 🙂

    Horns are microchipped

    The ears are notched for easy identification

    Peter Pan & I

    Photographing the notches

    and we’re off! All done