• Snorkelling on Isle Margaruque

    Posted on November 7, 2013 by in Travel

    We had managed to organize a day out on Isle Margaruque with lunch and snorkeling. Anyway we packed our stuff for the day and headed down to Dolphin Dhow Safaris which was a short walk down the beach. We opted to hop onto a speed boat instead of the dhow considering that the wind was howling and the waves were all over the place and knew that it would mean less time to spend getting sea sick and more time to relax on a tropical Island. Well 1 minute into the boat ride we were soaked to the bone as the waves came splashing over the front of the boat with ever wave we went over.

    We made it over the reef just before low tide and set ourselves up on the beach under a thatch sun shade and waited a while for low tide and a hopeful break in the wind. After about an hour or so we took our snorkeling gear and walked about 100m down the beach and swam to the deeper side of the reef and floated down with the current as we looked at a myriad of amazing fishes! Despite the visibility not being great due to the wind, we saw angels, parrot fish, mussel crackers, eels, surgons, kingfish and so much more…we did the circuit a few times like kids on a super tube and then went back to where the skippers had prepared the most awesome lunch for us. We had fresh crab, kingfish, rice, curried vegetables, salad and then bananas and paw paws for dessert. After lunch we were back in the water snorkeling again and I think we must have left at about 14:30 or so. Considering we were out for about 7 hours and paid R550 each, I think we definitely got our money’s worth!
    By the time we got back we were both feeling the serious effects of being in the sun all day. Wayne’s face got really burnt and somehow my legs fried lobster red! By the time I went to bed my ass was on FIRE!