• DevOcean Dive Centre – Ponta Do Ouro; Mozambique

    Posted on April 2, 2014 by in Travel

    After a relatively short drive from our home in Mtunzini on the far northern coast of KZN, we arrived safely in southern Mozambique for a long weekend of fun, sun and scuba diving. Wayne, AKA: Peter Pan was here to qualify for his Open Water course and I, AKA: Tinks, was here to tag along, test out my new GoPro underwater and have a good time! We arrived at Tartaruga Maritima in Ponta Malongane after about an hour of driving over the thick sandy roads and were shown to our little log cabin hidden away in the lush dune forests. We could hear the sound of the tropical blue ocean crashing onto the beach from our room and I wondered if life could be any more idyllic.
    We called and arranged for Wayne to do his practicals through DevOcean Dive Centre which is based in Ponta Do Ouro, 7km south of Malongane. He had already done all of his theory through PADI’s online E-Learning and so only needed to get into the water. We met Lea who is the dive instructor and who also runs the dive centre. She was really helpful, informative, patient and very descriptive in all the sessions that she did with Wayne. Always helps when you’re about to embark in a potentially dangerous sport!
    The dive centre is well located in the centre of Ponta Do Ouro town (next to the police station) and has a simple but well laid our camp site, a central kitchen/restaurant that serves 2 great meals per day! The atmosphere is seriously chilled with an array of ‘golden oldies’ playing from the stereo at the ‘Deco Stop’ bar so one really can just put their feet up while basking in the sun and feel like they’re in paradise.
    We were warmly welcomed by all the staff as well as their dogs and a cat called “Chicken”…LOL
    Pool sessions were done at the establishment next door and when we were ready to explore the sea, we were driven to the main beach at Ponta to launch. We were very fortunate to have superb conditions and great weather!!!
    The visibility was at least 30m and the reef was alive with different types of fish. It was fantastic to be able to float into the middle of an enormous school of fish and have them all around you just peeping through your mask and acting just as curious as the rest of us. The potato bass were huge and also very chilled to swim around… really is a different world down there!

    During our stay we travelled up and down between Malongane and Do Ouro often stopping at the various little restaurants along the way for prawn rissoles and R+R’s to subdue our ‘post diving hungers pangs’.
    One of the nights we landed up at Neptune’s Bar in the town centre of Ponta Do Ouro and danced up a storm till long after midnight. They had a live DJ spinning out the greatest songs from ‘Jive Bunny’ to ‘retro house’ which had everyone on the dance floor having a blast!
    DevOcean also invited us for a few meals at the dive centre of which one of them was a good ol’ traditional peri-peri chicken, coleslaw and chips and the other a delicious breakfast of muesli, fruit, yoghurt and pancakes… They really do serve a tasty helping!
    All in all a fantastic weekend and another qualified scuba diver!!! Now we have a whole new world to explore together…UNDER the sea!

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