• Utterly Happy – Tim & Nicky

    Posted on August 26, 2011 by in Weddings

    Ok so here’s one for the books. Nicky happens to be my partner Wayne’s, ex wife. Her and I are really good friends, live in the same town, babysit each others kids and ocasionally have fantastic girly evenings with lots of red wine and giggles. My daughter Jordan was one of her little flower girls and I seconded the photographer, Stew Nolan, on the day to make them a special coffee table book as their wedding gift. Yes it all sounds a little “Bold & Beautiful”, but it’s wonderful to be so close to the people that matter the most. Anyway, ‘Noodle’ (Nicky) & ‘Sunshine’s (Tim) wedding was held at St. Ives in the Natal Midlands. These two make the cutest and most loveable couple this side of the equator and it shows in everything they do. Everything was beautifully set out and the food was just amazing! A definite must for a Midlands wedding!!!



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  1. Kathleen says:

    This was such a happy wedding and suited the bridal couple so much. Your photography Kim was excellent and you caught so many special casual happy moments that normal photographers miss and it was because of your vision for catching just the right picture at the right time and for your amazing relationship with Nicky, Tim, Thomas and Mathew. Thank you.xx