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Kim Steinberg

About me...

I had always pondered the purpose of my existence and frequently questioned whether my photography held any significance for others?
Reflecting back on the multitude of images capturing my own life's moments, I realized the profound impact of reliving each memory—the sensations, the aromas, the flavors, the sights and the sounds of those fleeting instances. It was then that I recognized the extraordinary gift that I've been given: the ability to freeze time and immortalize moments that resonate for people eternally.

As a prominent South African photographer, my pursuit revolves around authentic encounters with genuine individuals. I derive immense joy from uncovering the poetic essence inherent in the human journey and firmly believe that family is life's greatest blessing.

The passion and soul infused into my work, emanates from my profound love for life, enabling me to capture the unfiltered beauty of candid human experiences. My aim is to not only freeze moments in time, but to reveal intimate, unscripted moments.
I can't wait to discover the beauty within your unique story...

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For me, photography is a way of capturing what I cannot put into words...

South Africa

Cell:+27 79 983 2641

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