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Kim Steinberg

About me...

Welcome! I'm thrilled you're here!

My name is Kim, & I've been capturing life's most cherished moments through my lens since 2010. I'm currently based in the stunning coastal areas of Ballito, Sheffield Beach, & Salt Rock but also love traveling to new destinations & bringing my passion for photography wherever I go.

My Photography Journey

My journey into photography began with a simple yet profound desire: to freeze beautiful moments in time & allowing people to hold onto those precious memories forever.
Specializing in families, couples, & maternity photography, I really strive to tell your unique story through natural, emotive images that reflect genuine connections & heartfelt emotions as opposed to the normal 'stand & pose' type of shots...

What Sets Me Apart

What truly sets my work apart is my commitment to connecting with my clients on a deeply human level. I believe that the best photos come from a place of comfort & authenticity & so by creating a relaxed, enjoyable environment, I help you to feel at ease, allowing those beautiful, unscripted moments to unfold naturally. This approach not only produces stunning photographs but also ensures that the experience itself is a happy & memorable one.

Personal Touches

Beyond the camera, I am an avid traveler & lover of all things summer. I find inspiration in the beauty of coconuts, palm trees, & the ocean, as well as the absolute 'wowness' of mountains, waterfalls & jungles. On top of it all, there's nothing quite like a campfire under the stars with good wine, homemade pizza, & the company of beautiful humans to make my little soul happy....


These personal passions really influence my photography style, infusing each photo with a sense of adventure and wonder bringing my love for the natural world and genuine human connection into every photo I take...

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best of zululand
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For me, photography is a way of capturing what I cannot put into words...

South Africa

Cell:+27 79 983 2641

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